Baby vs. Big Girl

For 2009, Vivi has been conferred the official title of Little Miss Independent. This is a self-appointed position that she has taken on with great enthusiasm. Lately, Vivi has preferred to do most everything herself which includes getting dressed in the morning, peeling her own clementines, wiping herself after the potty, and putting her dishes in the sink. It's all very disconcerting to me and my husband.

Sunday night, after snuggling on the couch downstairs and reading our requisite three stories, she informed us that she was going to go to bed. ALL BY HERSELF. Oh, and she was adamant that she doesn't need the hall light on or her bedroom door open anymore. My husband and I just looked at each other in disbelief as she walked up the stairs in the dark and climbed into bed. We went up 10 minutes later and there she was asleep snuggled under her comforter. Is it possible that she is this big already?

Well, the answer is no NO NO! I'm not in denial about my child growing up. (Well, not completely in denial anyway.) The fact is that today she has been anything but Little Miss Independent. Her official title today is "Mama's Little Baby Who is Never Going To Grow Up. Ever." And, I'm not sure I'm liking this either.

By 1:30 pm today, my fully potty-trained daughter has had five "accidents" and has demanded that she needs a diaper because the pee "comes on too fast." She has taken a basket of newborn clothes that I recently pulled out and proceeded to try on every single item except for the socks which she reserved for her teddy bear (aka "my new baby sister.") Naptime was a battle of epic proportions when Vivi cried vehemently for her crib because she is "too small for a big girl bed." Ugh... She finally fell asleep a few minutes ago and I'm ready for my own nap.

I understand that finding independence for toddlers is often two steps forward and one step back but I'd really rather she make steps in both directions in a single day. One day of super independence followed by one day like today is too much for this mommy to take. That's why I am going to take my nap now-- in my own big girl bed.


  1. Wow. Glad she is being so toddler-ishly normal, but you must be exhausted! Hope the nap helps. I must say that I was most shocked and impressed with the putting herself to sleep part!

    How are you doing with walking these days? I remember being totally floored when the doctor's prediction of "you'll be ready to stop working at 6 months (pregnant)" turned out to be remarkably accurate! I teach middle school science, and I thought (sooo foolishly!) "oh I'll be one of those pregnant women who keeps working until the day before giving birth, so what if I'm pregnant with twins?" But then the reality of pumping blood for 3 hit home - and I was in good shape when I got pregnant! Sounds like you're doing well.

  2. Yeah, pumping blood for three is starting to kick my butt. I don't feel like my energy has suffered too much but I get frequent dizzy spells. It seems to be the worst when my midwife is palpating my abdomen. I think one of the twins is located near a main artery and if s/he sits on it or gets pushed into it, I feel like I'm going to pass out. Did you have this problem?

  3. I didn't, but it sounds unpleasant. I like your hypothesis re: the position of one of the babies. For me it was walking - all of a sudden I could not walk more than one city block without sitting down on a ledge or leaning against a wall or fence or tree for a minute. It was so weird - as if someone had pressed a button. And I'm someone who enjoys walking for miles, in the woods or across town. It didn't really bother me, though - just one of those temporary changes to go through. Hope your dizziness doesn't get worse. Is there an upside to the dizziness - does it mean your blood pressure is low? If so, that's great.


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