The New Year

In our grand tradition, my husband and I were in bed long before the stroke of midnight on New Year's. The cold weather combined with all the drunk people has made going out to celebrate totally unappealing for us. This year, the fact that I am seven months pregnant with twins sealed the deal for a homebound celebration. (And by celebration, I mean we rented a movie.)

Well, the holiday was not lost on Vivi. When I put her in bed on December 31, I told her we would have a special breakfast to celebrate the new year. When she awoke in the morning, she ran into our room and yelled, "Happy Birthday!!!" We all snuggled in bed and I told her that it isn't a birthday today, it is the changing of the years. She asked, "Mama, this is the year the Turtles are gonna come out?" I told her that it was so we have to start getting ready.

And getting ready, we are. In the last week, we've figured out where we are going to put the babies and some of their stuff. We've purchased several gigantic packs of diapers. I've frozen five casseroles and five large containers of homemade spaghetti sauce since I figure I won't be cooking for a while. Vivi has already cleaned out her toys to give away. I've organized my hutch and all my crafting supplies which, of course, has nothing to do with the upcoming arrival of our twins but does clear my head in a somewhat important way.

With all this nesting, we are finally starting to accept the inevitable- the number of our children will soon triple. It's an awesome thought, indeed, but at least it is one that we've come to feel excited about. (The shock has abated but the nervousness has not, however.)

So, while we wait, Vivi continues to snuggle and talk with my belly a million times a day and I make lists of what else needs to be done.


  1. Happy New Year! You and Vivi both look gorgeous.

    Good luck with the baby prep. I'm here for questions, consults, or just to listen anytime.


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