Potty Mouth

At the ripe old age of 26 months, Vivi has developed a deep interest in her body and a penchant for poop jokes. We were in the store the other day when the following conversation occured:

Old lady: Hi cutie, what is your name?
Vivi: Poop.
Me: No really. Tell her your name.
Vivi: I name is Pee.
Me: Her name is Aviva. Vivi, can you tell her your middle name?
Vivi: Toot.

Vivi, of course, thought this whole exchange was hysterical while I just cringed with embarrassment.

Yesterday, I was down on my hands and knees cleaning up a potty training accident. Instead of getting a rag like she usually does, Vivi put her hand down the back of my pants and yelled, "Mama's tushie crack! Mama's tushie crack!"

And just today, she felt the need to point out a woman in Target who was bending over. Even though there was no skin in sight, Vivi loudly announced, "I see dat womin's butt crack."

Now I am pretty sure that I have never used the term "tushie crack" or "butt crack" in front of my kid. I mean it just isn't the sort of thing that happens to slip out in conversation. I take full responsibility for her successful use of "Since when?" and "Ok. Call me later." when she is making one of her pretend phone calls but the whole bodily function thing, that just isn't my cup of tea. (Even though I can write about it at length on this blog...)

I am not sure where our sweet little girl went but I am hoping that this is just a phase. In the meantime, if you are having any issues with gas, constipation, or your toilet, I've got someone who will be happy to discuss it with you.


  1. Yeah, this may last a while. Just be glad you don't have a son. Guys don't ever grow out of potty jokes. My 4 year old nephew still talks about butts and such. Heck, when my niece was Aviva's age she would toot on purpose and laugh away. It was so funny to see her scrunch up her face and wriggle around while working up a fart.


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