Man vs. Squirrel

With the rising prices of everything these days and our recent completion of Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma, my husband and I have decided to do our best to eat locally this summer. While the notion of "living off the land" doesn't generally come to mind when I tell people we live in Providence, Rhode Island, we have always maintained a rather productive vegetable garden. Plus, the city itself has a healthy share of farmer's markets. Since we are vegetarians, we have no need to roam the wild countryside brandishing our weapons either. (That's best left to the mafia around these parts anyway...)

As romantic as our eating adventure sounds, we are actually engaged in a rough and tumble turf war with the most devious, scheming, and shrewd opponents. No, it's not Cargill or even Whole Foods. Our enemies are far more insidious than they. (Well, maybe not more insidious than Cargill but I digress...) Our adversaries are the squirrels and our mutual desire is the composter. They break-in, scatter the contents all over our yard, we reinforce the composter, and the cycle begins again. I'm starting to think that we are in a Bill Murray movie. This is what our composter looks like now:

Who do you think is winning?


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