Peeing or Dirty Shoes, which is worse?

Vivi likes to go "Boingas." This is her term for jumping on anything that has a little bounce to it and, not surprisingly, we seem to have a lot of those things in our house. While bouncing, she repeats "Boinga! Boinga! Boinga!" over and over. It is such a thrill for her to jump and a joy for us to see it that we have yet to curtail all the bouncing. Her favorite place to go Boingas is on our bed and we have just one rule- no shoes.

We had just come in the house yesterday when Vivi headed upstairs. When I asked her where she was going, she said "Upstairs." Well duh, mom! For some reason, I didn't press it and since she generally yells when she needs something, I let her go and headed to the kitchen. About ten seconds later, she yelled "Going Boingas on mamadaddy bed!" Shit! I had a vision of muddy shoe prints all over the quilt covering our bed and flew upstairs. When I got to our room, she was sitting on the edge of the bed carefully holding her feet over the footboard while trying to remove her sneakers. I couldn't believe it. I thought, "She gets it. She understands the rule! Whoa... yay Vivi and yay mama!"

A couple of hours later, after some snacks, trips to the potty and assorted other toddler activities, Vivi headed back upstairs. No problem. She knows the rules. "I'm just going to finish what I am doing here in the kitchen, " I thought. Then the voice came from above, "Peed on mamadaddy bed." Yup, that's right. Our stellar potty-trainer had just relieved herself on our bed.

Well, at least her shoes were off.


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