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Well hello again bloggy blog friends!  It's been a long time. 

I think I lost my blogging mojo sometime around Thanksgiving and I'm still not sure it has made it back.  (Sorry grandmas.)  It seems that I was cleaning up from Thanksgiving and then Hanukkah hit which shouldn't be a big deal but somehow turned into one and well, before long I was all in a tizzy about Christmas.  There you have it.

We have had a lovely month so far.  Hanukkah was a hit not only because of the presents but because Vivi learned the candle blessing which she proudly recites in near-perfect Hebrew. (Which she calls Spanish.)

In our house, Hanukkah apparently requires the removal of clothes.

Once Hanukkah passed, we made our annual trek out to Big John Leyden's Tree Farm.  (Frankly, who wouldn't want to buy a tree from a guy named Big John?)  Finding the perfect tree was a riveting experience for everyone involved.  See, just look at Jude:

Somehow we ended up in a field with mostly new trees so we picked the biggest one we could find. It called to us and everyone was in agreement that it would be our tree.  When we got it home, it was a tad... how should I say this.... Charlie Brownish.

This tree looks like my body post-Turtles.
Of course, Ellie is pleased with how "faaaancy!" the tree is and the ornaments have provided an endless array of new accessories for the girls. Every time we plug in the lights, Ellie stands in amazement and yells, "Whoaw!"  So, Charlie Brown or not, our tree has brought us lots of good cheer.

Once the tree was in place, I hosted my annual cookie swap with a few of my favorite ladies and we had the most impressive display of baked goods I have ever seen.  Of course, I didn't photograph it but it was a scene worthy of sugarplum fairies.  My ass is still thanking me for the extra cushioning the swap has provided.    

As we prepare for Christmas,  I am delighted with the smell of the tree, the soup in the crock pot, and the wonder in my kids' eyes.  I've slowed down as they have sped up but it makes no difference.  We are together and we are full and the house is still standing.  


  1. Ha!! love to hear that goodness spreads at your house too... :)

  2. I love the tree! I also love that any other foreign language is Spanish. So cute!


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