Measuring Success

Lately I've been thinking about what it means to be a success. When I was a career woman, I could point to publications and results from our legislative advocacy. It was thrilling to see my name in print or to know that the work I did led to a better life for someone who had been tortured. All in all, it was a tangible offering for my resume and made me a rather marketable gal in the world of human rights.

Ahh, that was SO three years ago.

I think I measure success a little differently today. My kids and husband are healthy and my house is in one piece. Sometimes, that feels more like a miracle than testimony to all the work I put in but I'll still take it.

Here's a highlight of a few other successful moments:

A backyard picnic which resulted in next to no clean-up!

Preventing a child from being run-over by a rouge Turtle on a Cheeky Chick.

Three happy girls in the tub.
(This is one of those miracles.)

And, of course, my biggest success is happy kids who can make their own fun.


  1. Lovely photos - I know exactly what you mean about 3 happy girls in a tub being one of those miracles!

  2. This one makes me smile. Thanks for reminding me that in my new job as a SAHM, success can and should be measured differently.


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