Arts and Crafts

Vivi is our little multimedia artist.  The child is not content with just crayons and paper.  Oh no!  Every project must involve glue, glitter, stickers, or any other random scrap of something we have lying around.  Her philosophy is the more, the better.  

To ease our daily craft routine, I've compiled all of our various art supplies in one rubbermaid container which she has dubbed the "arts and crafts box."  The box sits on a low shelf in my office and she is free to take it and use it as she wishes.  There are just a couple of rules.  One is that she must do her art at the table.  The second is that she  must put everything back in the box and return the box to the shelf when she is finished. 

Simple enough, right?  It has been... until this morning.  That's when we discovered this work of art sitting on the kitchen table:

So long sippy cups.  Bye-bye big kid scissors.  

Hey, at least the arts and crafts box was nicely returned to its home on the bottom shelf. 


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