Almost There

After a month of dust, drywall, lead, and tears, the end is in sight for our home renovation project. Hot damn! Of course, the cost will be more than double what we expected but unexpectedly doubling things seems to be what we do.

Vivi should be out of the basement and into her new space by Sunday. The ceiling needs to be painted and the room could use a thorough cleaning but other than that it is ready to go. I've got some crafty ideas up my sleeve which I hope to have time to implement, not the least of which is making her curtains. We'll see how that goes. Until the final unveiling, you can get a look at the room here:

The Turtles' room still has a ways to go. To combat the lead paint on the floor, it made the most sense for us to install a brand new floor on top of the existing one. That will go in on Saturday. We could have just ripped out the part with the paint but that would have meant we would have needed to remove the built-ins as well. Since we had just shelled out a bunch of money to rebuild said built-ins (in the pre-lead discovery period), I was a wee bit unenthusiastic to go that route. Here's the room as it stands now:

I'll post final room pictures in a week or so. Let Operation Basement Exodus begin!


  1. I love that sunny yellow.

    You must be so happy that this project is about to wrap up. Congrats on surviving, on sticking to your guns, and on getting such a worth-it result!


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