Why My Daughters Are Freedom-Loving Americans

It isn't everyday that I think about how lucky I am to live in the good ol' US of A.  Sure, I enjoy paying through the nose for our exceedingly crappy health insurance.  I swell with pride when I hear that my husband and I pay more taxes than General Electric.  I feel a sense of calm when I remember that Haliburton has an exemption to the Clean Water Act.  I mean if the government recognizes that it can't keep our water safe at least it has the good sense to pass off the responsibility to a multi-national company. Right?  

Even with these comforting thoughts, I sometimes take my freedom for granted.  I mean how lucky am I to get to drive on the superbly maintained roads in my neighborhood?  Isn't it great that I get to go to bed every night and know that giving my daughters an exemplary education will only cost around $20,000?  Thank goodness I have my freedom-loving children to remind me of what it is like to live with liberty.

If you didn't have freedom.....

Could you take off your pants and tie yourselves together with a bungee cord?

Could you work zoning regulations to your advantage and turn the living room into your very own break-dancing space?

Could you successfully lobby the government to reward you with incentives (cookies) after you broke the law (pooping on the rug)?   Then when you know the incentives are forthcoming, can you repeatedly demand that they take effect immediately?
("Cookie done yet? Cookie done yet?  Cookie done YEEEEEETTTT?")

Could you forego the requisite waiting period for the incentives?  Of course not.  That's what liberty is all about.

These are my daughters. They live and breathe America every single day.


  1. Love it! We try to be the big bad government around here, but the citizens are so cute (and persistent) that we don't have a shot. It's anarchy, I tell you!

  2. You are so funny!

    The bungee cord is awesome. Where were we before I left today, with a 5 year old who had tied his hand in so much string it had turned purple and I had to carefully cut it all off! Ha!

  3. Bwahaha! That's pretty funny.

    I love the pants-free picture. priceless!


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