Language: Spoken and Otherwise Part I

It's barely 9 a.m. and I am processing three distinct interactions with my twins this morning. Here is the first:

Ellie wakes me up every morning after she and Jude have breakfast with their dad.  She usually comes in like a tornado and then climbs on the bed yelling, "Ake up Mama!  Ake up Mama!" When I begin to stir, she burrows under the covers and changes her battle cry to "Nuggle Mama!" while she settles her head next to mine on the pillow.  Despite the ruckus, I love starting my day this way.

This morning Ellie came in with the usual commotion but instead of telling me to wake up, she was barking like a dog.  She got up on the bed with her stuffed puppy and started bouncing it on my head while she was growling.  When I looked up, she said, "Mama,  Puppy poop on head."  Then she put her nose to my scalp and proclaimed, "Oooooh,  stinky!"

This is a long way away from the usual snuggling. Before today, Ellie would lie next to me, stroke my hair and say very gently, "Mama, pritty hair." What struck me today was the pretend play. Today, Ellie was something other than who she always is.  I don't remember the moment when Vivi got what it meant to pretend but I am excited to see what these little ones come up with... even if it means I have stinky hair.


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