My Husband

In a couple of weeks, my husband will be heading down to New York City to attend his 25-year medical school reunion.  As part of the event materials, graduates had to send little biographies of themselves as well as photographs which would be included in an alumni directory. 

Simple right?

Well, we got the directory in the mail the other day.  Everyone sent in photos that looked like this:


Everyone... except my husband.  This is his photo:

He and I had a good laugh over this and hopefully the folks at Columbia will too.


  1. Love it! So much better than the usual image.

  2. This made me lol! Too funny! I love it! I am sure he and you are very proud! Happy Easter!

  3. Ha! Love that he sent that photo in.

  4. hee hee...look how little that child is... the girl, i mean.... :)

  5. Your husband seems like a lot more fun than the others! Who would you rather be at a reunion with?


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