Fancy Withdrawal

As much as I have avoided emphasizing my daughter's appearance, Vivi is all about being fancy.  Fancy is synonymous with being "stylish" but I can't quite figure out if my kid is fashion forward or just a walking advertisement for lack of parental supervision.

What I have come to understand is that fancy isn't about being a princess or owning lots of things.  Thank goodness for that.  To Vivi, being fancy means wearing a skirt or a dress with tights, regardless of temperature.   The more colors and patterns you have in one particular outfit, the better.  Oh, and you can never go wrong with multicolored polka dotted rain boots.  (Those are known as her "high heels.") 

So, it has been with no fair amount of grief that Vivi has been engaged in activities that require her to be "boring."  First it was gymnastics camp which required shorts and a t-shirt, then a camping trip with her Dad last week, and now it's zoo camp with a similar dress code.  My kid is going through some serious fancy withdrawal.

Fancy Vivi asleep on the naughty step

When I informed her that for she couldn't look fancy for her camping trip, she looked at me with suspicion.

Mama, is that a rule that I have to wear shorts?
Yes.  You get very dirty while camping so it is important not to ruin your fancy clothes.
For real?
In the really real world is that true?  Mama, how do you know?
It is true and I know because I used to go camping and that's what they tell you.

So when Mamas and camp counselors tell you that you must wear shorts and sneakers, what is a fancy girl like Vivi to do?

Accessorize, apparently.


  1. Laugh out loud funny! I love love love your blog!

  2. I agree with *just*. I'm actually laughing out loud. I try to let my daughter (now 9) be creative with her clothes, but my husband is so dang conservative, he puts super restrictions on her, and I feel like he's damaging her creativity!!! Mostly he opposes colors and patterns on both tops and bottoms. She has a rule to wear one of them solid. When he's at work though, I let her where whatever she wants. I tell him she'll be the trendsetter.

  3. HAHAHAHA. I Love HER! The world needs more "fancy" in it!


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