Show Me the Love

My girls are all about the love these days.  Jude delights in running up to Ellie, resting her head on Ellie's chest, and putting her hand on Ellie's mouth which is what Jude thinks is a kiss.  Ellie used to scream in annoyance but lately they both have been giggling at their own affection for each other.  It really is a delight to see.   

Ellie, the most reserved of all my girls, has been doling out her own kisses lately.  While nursing, she will occasionally pull herself off the breast to look up at me and hum.  That's her sign that she wants to give me a kiss.  (Maybe she is sensing my increased discomfort with nursing and is trying to entice me to keep at it a little longer.)  At five this morning, while nursing both of them in my bed, Ellie finished and pulled herself off, crawled across my chest over to Jude, and gave her one big, wet, milky kiss.  This lead to lots of sleepy giggles and whatever hope I had of getting them back to bed evaporated at that moment but it was nice to see them interacting so lovingly.

Even Vivi, who has had more than her share of disdain for everyone in this house, has been extra affectionate.  The other day she said, "Mama, do you know that you grew two adorable babies in your belly?"  When I told her that I actually grew three adorable babies but one of those babies is already four years old, she said, "Mama, I will love you forever and ever.  Even after I die, I will never stop loving you."

Well, gosh.  I can't imagine any thing being better than that.


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