What's Mine

Why can I not accept that I own nothing of my own anymore? Why must everything be communal property? This is a conversation I had with Vivi this morning, which seems to be pretty much the same conversation I have with her everyday. It's just the object that changes.

Vivi, what is my green book doing over there?

Mama, that's my book. I wroted in it.

Actually, that is my book and just because you wrote in it does not make it yours.

Ummm, yes it does.

If I wrote on your scooter, does that make it mine?


Well, give me my book back.

Only if you say please.

Please may I have my book back?

Mama, do you see right here this is where I wroted the letter A? And it is not a book, it is a notepad.

This is usually the point where I sigh in exasperation and just let her have the stupid thing before I turn into a raging maniac. Unfortunately, today I turned into a raging maniac and still let her have the book. How is that for a mixed message?


  1. i don't think you do have to accept that, honestly. but whether or not you want to do the work of 'hiding' things or the work of explaining it to vivi or the work of giving up expectations of 'no harm to my things'... i donno... :) whats yours is yours, but/and hers sometimes, and then theirs too... and maybe his when you are done... :)


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