Enid: An Update

A few weeks ago, I introduced Vivi to Enid W. McGrump, the mess-busting monster.  I was fully prepared to have a couple of days of no messes and then I thought Vivi would test the whole Enid theory.  If she left all the play food on the dining room floor, would Enid come and take it away?  What about the Sorry game that we play several times a day?  I could see the wheels turning in Vivi's head while she contemplated these questions and computed the cost/benefit analysis of doing the clean-up versus the potential loss of her toys. 

Well, to my surprise, she has chosen not to test Enid.  She has been picking everything up before bed.  EVERYTHING!  I haven't stepped on a harmonica or a Lego in weeks!  Now, if that isn't cause for celebration I don't know what is.

There's another positive side to Enid that I didn't expect when I leaked her story to Vivi.  I no longer stress about the mess because I know that I don't have to negotiate with my kid to pick it up anymore.  I just have to say, "Well, if you're too tired you could leave the mess there but I can't guarantee Enid won't come and take all those toys away."  I suppose one day she will want to see what happens with Enid but that will be the night I'll load up the toys on the floor and hide them in the basement.  Sure, I'll still be picking it up but I won't be resenting it.  I won't be arguing with Vivi about who made the mess.  And I certainly won't be worried that she isn't understanding cause and effect.

In other news, I've been at the sewing machine again.  I was a little burned out after my homemade holiday extravaganza but the creative juices hit again when I saw this cute pattern for a twirly skirt.  Since Vivi is really into being "fancy" and I am full of motherly love now that her toys are put away, I thought I'd give this skirt a whirl.

The upside of the skirt is that Vivi loved it and hasn't taken it off since I finished it.  The downside is the mess I made:

Vivi took one look at this and said, "Mama, you better clean that up before Enid takes all your sewing away."  True enough.


  1. what a lovely skirt + enid sounds like a mother's best friend :)


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