Home Alone

Well my husband went off for the weekend and left me all alone with these three gals. So for kicks, we got all dolled up (see matching outfits below) and baked ourselves some cookies and lasagna.  Vivi refused the lasagna but put a serious dent in the cookies.  We didn't leave the house but had a nice visit from my brother and sister-in-law and the girls' "big cousin."  Then we found ourselves all sound asleep by 9 p.m.  It was a fairly relaxing weekend.  That is, if you can call any weekend with a preschooler and two babies relaxing.

And yet, I'm still feeling a little annoyed.  I try very hard not to harbor resentments but sometimes I wonder why, oh why, my better half decided to join the board of a professional group with whom he affiliates and go back to school the same year our Turtles entered the world.  Ummm, did he think he needed more of a challenge or am I just that much of a superwoman that leaving me with the kids for one weekend a month is not a big deal?

Superwoman, I am not.  Supercranky, I am.  This is not likely to end well.

So while he is up in New Hampshire flexing his brain muscle and sleeping through the night, I'm plotting my revenge.  Fire up that breastpump, this mama is requesting a day off.


  1. You go, mama! You totally deserve a day off! Love the pic. Sounds like you handled your solo parenting stint very admirably!

  2. Day off indeed. And here's the deal don't EVER get a pet. They are annoying, messy and eat jerky off your face. It's not worth it. Even if it makes you laugh hard enough to pee your pants. NOT WORTH IT. If you ever need reminding let me know. I'll talk you off that ledge.

  3. What? You mean my husband doesn't qualify as a pet? I've been misled!


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