Year in Review

On the eve of 2010, I've been thinking about what 2009 has been like for me and my husband. Here is our year in review:

-Two new children

-Approximately 1600 diapers

-1200 ounces of laundry soap

-27 pounds of baking soda

-A new dishwasher, car, and garbage disposal (see bullet point #1)

-Seven weeks of home construction

-Three months with no more than three consecutive hours of sleep

-Vivi starting nursery school

-Delicious meals made by friends who took pity on us

-Quiet winter evenings by the sewing machine

-Booboos and daddy's remedies

-Amelia Bedelia, why must Vivi love you so?

-Our beloved Brown student who helps us several days a week and Aunt Jane who lived with us for the summer and still says (honestly, I think) that she misses seeing her nieces everyday.

-Countless tears

And lots and lots of joy.

See you in the New Year!


Mama Mama


  1. Yes I can honestly say I do miss seeing those rascals everyday... I don't miss however, Vivi waking me up every morning by whispering, "Don't wake up Aunt Jane!"


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