Holiday Happenings

Now that Vivi is three and a half, there's holiday spirit oozing out of every nook and crannie of this house. She is really into the whole thing and I find myself enjoying the holidays so much more because of it.

The first weekend in December, my Jewish husband took Vivi and a Turtle out to pick out the Christmas tree while I took another Turtle with me to a friend's baby shower. My husband really seems to enjoy Christmas and I know that he and Vivi spent a good amount of time deliberating on the perfect tree. They both came home very excited by the one they chose. Here she is:

We become very attached to our Christmas trees and every year we give it a name. Vivi offered Jimmy the Skunk for this year's tree but we decided to go with her second choice, Penelope.

We have also been whipping
up various confections like nobody's business. I participate in an annual cookie swap which is one of my favorite events of the holidays. Everyone always seems to come up with something new and interesting. Here were my contributions:

I couldn't have baked all those treats without my little "helper":

Hanukkah started last Friday evening so we've also been lighting our menorah and letting our Turtles play with matches:

And, of course, it would not be December without a semi-disasterous photo shoot:

Now, back to my sewing. See you in a few days!


  1. OK, I *love* the photo of the girls. That look on Vivi's face is priceless, and the corresponding "What on earth are you doing, Vivi?" looks on the Turtles' faces are equally awesome.

    Happy, happy holidays!

  2. yeah, i have to agree with snickollet on this one... I think it is a look Viva will get many times over in her future... happy winter !!
    yummy cookies...

  3. YUM! And I am giggling at the line "my Jewish husband took Vivi and a Turtle out to pick out the Christmas tree"....too funny!


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