Cleaning It Up

Vivi is a master chef. We frequently enjoy onion muffins with fried maple syrup or spaghetti with poop sauce, all of which is made with love in her play kitchen. What Vivi is not a master at is cleaning up her own messes. After the millionth time of stepping on her toy whisk and cupcake pan, we had the following conversation:

"Vi, will you please pick up that mess in there?" I asked in my usual exasperated tone.

"Mama, I didn't make that mess."

"Oh yeah?"

"Chaos did it. He came up from the basement when you weren't looking and did it."

For those of you who are new to this blog and don't know who Chaos is, allow me to explain. He is the monster who makes a mess. He lived in our friends' basement for several years but moved into our house right after the Turtles arrived.

Now I am thinking that if we can have imaginary monsters who make messes, we most certainly can have imaginary beings clean them up. Let me introduce you to the newest member of our family, Mrs. Enid W. McGrump:

Enid is a monster who hates messes but loves wearing nightgowns and slippers, even in the daytime! She has been known to sneak around the house just to look for messes and if she finds one, look out! Enid W. McGrump cleans the mess herself but takes all the items and places them in an undisclosed location (kind of like Dick Cheney) until certain little girls earn them back. It's hard to catch a glimpse of Enid and this is the only known photograph of her.

There's about to be a big monster battle at our house. Who is your money on?


  1. I love it.

    I about killed myself on a German-engineered model car the other day. Solid wood mounted on removable rubber tires can bring a woman DOWN.

    My $$$ is totally on Enid.

  2. i love it too. I'm actually very impressed with enid and her socks/slipper combo ... i think it may be the perfect sleeper-cult hit of the new decade..:)
    really, smart.


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