Just Wondering

Why is it that as soon as our Turtles started sleeping through the night Vivi started getting up four or five times?

Why is it that, after a freak white-water rafting mishap ten years ago, I needed to sacrifice a molar to the oral surgeon four days before Thanksgiving?

Why is it that other people tell you how sweet and curious and polite your three-year-old is but you, the mother, rarely see that behavior at home?

My husband says that all this is just Murphy's Law.

Why is it that I forgot that the rug cleaners were supposed to come at 8:30 this morning yet I still managed to have on decent pajamas and a polar fleece jacket thick enough to cover my braless state?

That, my friends, is really good luck.

Today, like most days, I am thankful for my good luck. Sure, it's not lucky to be getting up frequently at night, to have a crater-sized hole where my molar used to be, or to have to deal with a really cranky kid. BUT if I never had the good luck to meet my husband, I wouldn't have all of the wonderful things that I have in my life now.

Like this:


  1. I often consider it luck but know it's just us being tested for the hard stuff so we remember how good things can be. And it seems in my household, when we get on a roll with something "working", something new crops up to push us back a few breaths! But then, of course, we get it back, eh?


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