Cleaning Lady

I grew up in a very small house with five siblings, two parents, a dog, and tons of stuff. We had one bathroom and a tiny living room. The house was always a disaster and the noise level rivaled that of a rock concert. It was 1200 square feet of overstimulation and I have no idea how I survived it. My heart races a little now just thinking of it.

You see, I am the type of person who likes things a certain way. I need quiet to clear my head. I need to know where my things are. I need to have my bills paid on time, my children bathed semi-regularly, and I need to have the house in a condition that is clean and presentable. I have tried embracing the chaos that rules my every day but it is a fight against who I truly am-- a type A control freak who thrives on routine and feels more comfortable in a library (ahh... quiet! systems! organization!) than in her own freaking house (noise! chaos! filth! boo...). I get the joke the universe has played on me with these twins and a pre-schooler but it doesn't mean I have to find it funny.

So what is a gal like me to do? My husband suggested that we get more help "with the kids" but the reality is I actually enjoy my children most of the time. What I don't enjoy is mopping the floors and dusting. I want to be able to play with my Turtles and not be thinking about how I should clean the floors because they are on the cusp of crawling. Frankly, I want to be rid of that burden and since I don't have the capability to just let it go mentally, we are hiring a cleaning lady.

She comes tomorrow to inspect the place and give me her rate. Naturally, I spent the weekend cleaning. I wouldn't want her to think that we're a bunch of exhausted slobs who can't manage their messy children now can !?


  1. We are so much alike. Sometimes, when I read your posts, I swear that we are twins who were separated at birth.

  2. Oh, I agree wholeheartedly! I feel SO much better with some order to the chaos and cleanliness, too (though I am admittedly quite lazy in terms of taking care of this). We've had a housecleaner every two weeks since my twins were a few months old and it has been AWESOME. Sadly, we are trying to cut back on the budget so I am on my own now. Yeeps! We'll see how it goes!

    Also, hi! Just found your blog and love it!


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