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There are a few words that I thought I'd never say as a parent. Things like "...because I said so" or "if I have to stop this car..." Those phrases always seemed tired and old and I vowed never to use them. Well, I am old and tired and I have to admit that I have threatened to stop the car on numerous occasions.

This morning, however, I uttered eight words that I really didn't expect ever to string together. In horror, I yelled, "VIVI! DON'T PUT LIP GLOSS ON THE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!"


  1. I thought I'd never say this one "Do you want me to give you something to cry about?!?!" but it flew out of my mouth yesterday....sigh...Three is harder than Two was!!


  2. Oh, that is another one of those lines! I haven't used that one yet but she's only 3 and a few months. There's still plenty of time! Why didn't anyone warn us about the threes?!


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