I went to the farm a couple of weeks ago and they had yukon potatoes, in all their glorious fresh from the earth goodness. Excited by their appearance, I ran through all the things I could make with them: mashed potatoes, a tart with a potato crust, some hearty kind of soup. I purchased a couple pounds and was filled with warm thoughts on the drive home. Then, to my horror, I realized that it isn't November. In fact, it is August and it is bloody hot outside. (Hence, the warm thoughts.)

Oh, and I hate potato salad. So they sit on the counter waiting for a damn culinary intervention.


  1. we are all about french fries over here. allllll about them... cut, oil and salt and roast. maybe even grill? walk away from hot oven for the 20 minutes they take. walk away. then slather with wicked cold ketchup.


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