-Purchased our new car and feel like we got a good deal.
-Compiled Turtles' e-mail birth announcement list.
-Double checked all home birth supplies.
-House is in reasonably clean condition and the laundry is done.


-Pick up aforementioned new car and register it.
-Find a new home for old back-up car so new car can fit in driveway.
-Drop off a box of donations to Salvation Army.


We are snowed in! No sign of the plow which means we can't get out to do our final errands. (My dear husband left this morning on his cross country skis for his four mile commute to work.) This storm also means that, at this point, our midwives can't get to us. Not good. Must keep Turtles in for one more day. Please send all your positive energy for a continued gestation my way!


  1. Hang IN there, Turtles!

    (And I'm sure those midwives will find a way, even if they have to be dogsledded in!)


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