Three Babies

Let the regression begin! In the past week, Vivi has gone from being our one and only to a proud big sister to a third baby. It was inevitable but her difficulties with the upheaval in our family have thrown all of us for a loop.

To illustrate, here are some of our challenges: Vivi is rarely peeing on the potty these days and asks to wear diapers like the Turtles. I found her snuggling in the Pack 'n Play under one of the twins' blankets which, I must admit, was a bit of a relief after several occasions of finding crammed next to a baby in a moses basket. While I was nursing Eliya this afternoon, she tried to latch on and I had to explain why she couldn't. (A rather pathetic attempt to extol the virtues of big girl foods like pizza and Pirate's Booty.) Trying to get Vivi to sleep requires immense amount of energy and ingenuity- both of which my husband and I are severely lacking.

Perhaps the saddest moment of all occured this evening. I opened the bathroom door to see her sitting on the potty looking down at her feet. When I asked what was wrong, she said, "Mama, I sad. I wanted two boy brothers." I explained that her sisters will be fun eventually as if that really matters to a kid who has just lost her footing in the family.

I wish I had some grand scheme to make it all better for her but sadly, I'm just trying not to lose my cool with all the accidents and regression. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, we'll all become more accustomed to being a family of five.


  1. My son started wetting himself before my second son was born so I decided to put him back in pullups until a couple of weeks after the birth. He asked to nurse too so I offered the breast but he forgot how to suck (it had been a year). He left it at that and never asked again. Now my older son is back to wearing undies and is awesome as a big bro. Hang it there, things will be smooth sailing in no time! ;)

  2. hang in there sam. I think the pullups might be a good idea for a bit. she won't like it that much?! maybe...C. just ignored Lij for the first six mos. and then whammo!! so maybe its good for her to be adjusting now. Remember, she won't remember this when shes an adult, she'll remember how great her sisters were...


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