Vivi has been very interested in monsters lately. While she doesn't necessarily fear them she does talk a lot about them- where they live and what they do and whether they are scary or not. She loves to read books about monsters so Where the Wild Things Are and There's a Nightmare in my Closet are often in our story time rotation. There is one monster, however, that is forefront in our lives these days and his name is Chaos.

You see, several months ago at the beginning of this monster phase, Vivi learned that our dear friends have a monster who lives in their basement. His name is Chaos. Chaos is not a mean monster and he doesn't have much interest in little kids. Chaos just makes lots of messes when no one is looking and doesn't clean them up! It seems that Chaos has recently relocated to our house.

This morning was a prime example or new life since Chaos's arrival. Jude woke up with a fuss and promptly nursed. During this time, Eliya started screaming. I popped Jude off the breast and put Eliya on. All was calm until Eliya finished eating and needed a diaper change. I put her on the table and she commenced screaming. Then as I was closing up the diaper, she managed to pee all over the table and her outfit. Jude, still in our bed and clearly distressed at being left alone without a finished meal, began to frantically cry. As I was dressing Eliya in her dry outfit, my milk began to leak and soaked my shirt. Vivi, overwhelmed by Chaos, informed me that she needed to use the potty "right now." I left Jude screaming on the bed, took half-dressed and crying Eliya in my hands, ran into the bathroom to hold Vivi over the potty, and proceeded to wipe her tushie while balancing it all.

As we cleared out of the bathroom, I caught the image of myself in the mirror. There I was with a hairdo that rivaled Pebbles Flintstone. In my rush to attend to everyone's needs this morning, I grabbed a hair elastic and pulled my bangs from my face in a way that resulted in a small tuft of hair sticking directly up from the top of my head. (Of course, when I got my hair cut I anticipated that the babies would be here any day and the shorter style would be much easier. Now, two months later with three week-old twins, I'm in the midst of my hair growing out and no time to tend to it.)

And who said Chaos isn't scary?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sam my mo and are in reading this and laughing so hard. We think your hair looks cute. haha. Remember when Gilly was a kid and wore that sort of hair style..we called it a tree. Anyhow, we are thinking about you all the time and are SO excited to see you and the babies, sometime soon.

  2. Hey Pebbles,

    Nice description of the reality of twin infants! If the rest of the world only knew...

    I hope you're getting some kind of regular visiting/helping from relatives and friends. Not the kind that want to catch up with you and your life, but the kind that say "you go take a nap; we'll take care of the kids for the next hour"

  3. i just heard a talk show by a comp lit professor who said that in literature and mythology monsters represent the crossing of boundaries and a loss of control, so maybe vivi should become a literary critic!! she coulda told him that!


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