Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Everyone with more than one child has told me that when the next one comes along, or in my case, the next two, the first child will seem infinitely more mature than s/he did before there was a sibling. Well, the Turtles haven't arrived yet but Vivi already seems like a really big girl to me. It's a bittersweet feeling.

I love that Vivi is really excited about the pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of her siblings. She really does get it. Lately, she's been "childproofing" the house-- moving things that she doesn't think the Turtles should have access to. When I couldn't find the scotch tape that normally sits in a basket on my desk, Vivi said that she moved it high up on my bookcase. (This required her to stand on a stool to do it.) Cups, remote controls, jewelry, and various small toys have all gone missing at various times. When I ask where they are, I get the same response: "Mama, Turtles can't have that. I put it away."

Yesterday, while I was puttering in the kitchen, Vivi loaded a couple of pretend babies into her stroller, covered them up, threw her purse over her shoulder and said, "Bye Mom. I taking the babies to the library. Keep me posted on the Turtles." She has her own bag packed and ready to go for when the moment arrives.

She also seems mature in other non-Turtle-related ways too. When she needs to go poop, she asks that I give her privacy and shut the bathroom door "all the way." I did this a week ago but I stood outside the door. She yelled through the door, "Mama, are you right there?" I lied and said, "No Vi, I'm in the kitchen." She said, "Mom. You don't sound like you are in the kitchen. May I please have my privacy?" I did give her her space but I was also thinking that my kid seems to be nearing the age of 13 instead of 3.

Then, of course, there is the sadness associated with the fact that she won't be my only baby anymore. Snuggling has become increasingly difficult given my enormity and Vivi repeatedly asks, "Mama, when those Turtles come out and your belly goes away, will you carry me again?" Somehow, that seems to be one of the saddest questions I've ever been asked.

Vivi is also increasingly aware that she sucks her thumb and her friends don't. She has asked if the Turtles will suck their thumbs and I said that we'd have to wait and see. Vivi said, "Mama, I a big girl but sometimes I get cranky and want to suck my thumb." I told her that I knew that and it was okay. She would give up her thumb when she was ready.

I suppose no parent wants their child to stay young forever but it is a sad reality at how quickly it all goes.


  1. She's going to be an amazing big sister. What a sweet little growing-up girl.

  2. Thinking of you during these last pregnant days. Vivi is just great!


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