The Final Stretch

At 36 weeks and counting, we are literally and figuratively in the final stretch of the Turtles' gestation. My clothes are ridiculously snug and the men's long underwear tops that I've counted on during most of my pregnancy are no longer fully covering my belly. The highly-elasticized pregnancy pants are just too tight around my "waist" so I end up wearing them low enough for my butt crack to appear. I've got some skin perpetually exposed that I make for a pathetic site indeed.

Despite the inevitable clothing frustrations, I am relieved to still be pregnant. I finish my 36th week today which means that I officially qualify for a homebirth. The babies are both vertex and a great size and I'm feeling very optimistic that I will have a safe and fulfilling birth experience. I've got my supplies together, a wonderful team of midwives and support people, and an emergency back-up plan. Vivi is looking forward to having a big adventure at her friend Sabine's house on the day the Turtles come. She did promise, however, that if I have a contraction while she is home she "will be as quiet as a mouse."

Our home is coming together too. Clothes are washed. Diapers are stockpiled. Food is frozen. I still have to figure out just how I am going to get Vivi to give up the Turtles' bouncy seats and moses baskets (which currently house an array of stuffed animals all named "my new baby so and so...") but I suspect when we have real babies to put in them, she'll likely part with the supplies.

With all of that, I am still not feeling TOTALLY ready. I remember nesting like a mad woman at the end of my pregnancy with Vivi. A few days before her due date, it hit me that I was done with my projects and I could sit back and wait for her to come. That was a wonderful, peaceful time. I haven't gotten to that point with this pregnancy yet. I feel like I could use two weeks to clean and do a few small projects and then a short period of waiting will be more than welcome. Of course, we don't always get what we want so I'm trying to keep my expectations in check.

So, until the big day arrives, here's a video of Vivi reading to her teddy about the day he was born.


  1. Congratulations on making it to 36 weeks! Wonderful news.

    I hope your birth experience is as magical as you want it to be. It's fantastic that the Turtles are both vertex and ready to go . . . in a couple of weeks :).

  2. 36 weeks! Way to go!!! Both vertex!!!!!! Fantastic!!!!!!!! You sound very organized! This is very good! Great news all around! We are all ready to meet those babies!

  3. p.s. what an adorable video of Vivi! She is great! She'll be such a wonderful big sister.


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