Mamma Mia!

There are many things that I love about my husband. He always goes out of his way to do nice things for me like stopping at the bakery for a cinnamon roll just because he was walking by. Or if Vivi and I are on each other's last nerve when he gets home from work he offers to take her on a run-- even though it's 90 degrees, the jogging stroller is heavy, and he is going for 8 miles. He picks up after us. He mows the lawn. He cries at such heartwarming films as "School of Rock." He is a regular renaissance man.

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised with my husband suggested that we see Mamma Mia! while out on a hot date last Saturday night. Of course, I was dying to see it. (Nothing like "Dancing Queen" to bring back fond memories of spending every Thursday night during college at our school's disco.) Still, somewhat incredulously I asked, "Do you really want to see that?" He assured me that he did so off we went.

We had so much fun and for $10 a ticket, I think it was actually worth it. I think it was the first time I actually felt really good after seeing a movie. We have even started having ABBA dance parties. I dug out the CD and all three of us spent this morning shaking our tushies! (Well, then Daddy had to go to work so our party was down to two.) Vivi is full of requests during our dances-- "Mama, turn it up LOUD!" or "I want a different song" if the beat doesn't pick up right away. A connoisseur of pop music already...

Tonight at dinner, Vivi said to me, "Mama, I want to see Mamma Mia. We go dancin' tomorrow?" Sounds like a plan.


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