Getting It Done

Things I thought I would get done yesterday:

-Get a TB test for my volunteer work
-Drop off a bag of Vivi's old toys at Salvation Army
-Mop the living room
-Call back a friend who phoned a week and a half ago
-Buy a frame for a print that we want to hang up
-Figure out our meals for the week
-Grocery shop
-Mail the reply card to my sister's wedding
-Pay some bills
-Finish my sister's birthday present (Her birthday was June 24)
-Arrange to get some estimates for our boiler replacement
-Return a DVD to the library

Things I actually got done yesterday:

-Got a TB test
-Returned a DVD to the library

Things I did but didn't intend to:

-Took a nap
-Brushed Vivi's hair

So I'll try again today to get it all done. Then tomorrow I can blog about how I need to get a better handle on my expectations for accomplishing things.


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