Cleaning Out

I love the holidays but they always seem to pass so quickly that I often resent the arrival of January.  It can seem like a really long, dark month here in New England so I have decided this year I am going to change the way I do things. My husband and I are cleaning out and simplifying.

We both have been feeling like our lives are falling victim to the TOO MUCH SYNDROME.  Our girls have too many toys. They are watching too much television and their behavior is the worse for it.  We have had too much food.  Our shelf space is lacking because of too many books that aren't worth keeping.  Our dressers are bulging from clothes that don't fit. My husband works too much.  I have too many control issues.  (That's kind of a perpetual problem.)

So in 2012, we are:

-Canceling Netflix
-Donating our unused clothes, toys, and books and limiting what comes into our house
-Menu planning and wasting less food
-Limiting our dairy (which leaves my husband chronically congested), wheat (which kills my energy and messes with my GI system), and sugar (because we are all addicted.)
-Taking more breaks even if it means shelling out for a babysitter
-Letting more things go
-Spending more time blogging and less time on Facebook

And we are asking ourselves:

Do we need this?
Does it matter?
Does this add value to our lives?
How am I going to feel if I eat this?

I think it is going to be a great year.  What about you?  What are changing this year?


  1. must be something in the air... we're on a detox family experience over here. . . no more nothing for a long time and I already feel better... packed up the first bag for sally's army and its the beginning of a roll... good to know i'm in good company... :)

  2. Love this post. I think you are indeed headed into a great year.

  3. Axe Facebook!! Seriously. We had a wekk of cleaning out old stuff and rethinking what we need over the summer. I have not regreted it or missed any other things we got rid of once...even facebook.

  4. Yes! This is exactly where we're at. I'm feeling at a standstill because of the housing situation but also am sick of saying: "when we're settled ..."
    I think The Happiness Project will help, I hope!


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