A Real Vacation

My husband and I took a twenty-four hour vacation.  This was a real vacation-- not like the ones I always take in my head.  We packed up the car and drove a little over an hour to a seaside community in Connecticut.  We hung out by the pool. We read books and magazines without interruption. We went out to lunch and to dinner and to breakfast.  I didn't even make the bed.  It was glorious.

We did all this WITHOUT our children.  Really.  Did I mention it was glorious?

My sister who lives in North Carolina very kindly and without any obvious reservation volunteered to stay with the young contrarians.  There was no arm-twisting, no desperate pleas, and no cries on either end.  The kiddos had a blast and my husband and I got ten solid hours of sleep. Ten!  

And get this:  My sister even volunteered to stay with them again!  It appears that she loves my rascal spawn and thankfully doesn't see them enough to get fed-up with their shenanigans.

Now the trick is making sure five more years don't pass before we do this again!


  1. Yay Mama Mama! I got 10 hours of sleep too! Course, it was over three nights...

    Ooo, I need your sister.

  2. That's wonderful!! My husband and I try to get away to Mesquite, NV (also about an hour away) for a night each summer without the kids. It's always too short, but so so nice!


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