Let's Not Forget That Cashews Are Nuts. (And Maybe I Am Too!)

I made a raw "cheesecake" yesterday.  Since I am off sugar and gluten, I've not been able to get my baking fix so I decided that I would try making something dessert-like.  Since the ingredients were cleanse-approved, I felt good flexing my culinary muscles.

So what is a raw cheesecake, you ask?  Well, the one I made is basically pureed soaked cashews, berries, agave, lemon, and some coconut oil.  I tend to avoid things that claim they are cheese when they are not.  (I mean, why mess with something as glorious as cheese?!)  In the spirit of the cleanse, however, I thought I would branch out.

And you know what happened?  Sure you do. This "cheesecake" went over like a lead balloon.

Jude and Ellie sniffed at it suspiciously and then declared, "No like it, Mama."  Vivi took a few bites and then asked for ice cream.  Mark said it was okay but probably not good enough for the cost of the ingredients.  I, the sugar-addict in the house, thought it was too sweet.

Too sweet.  Holy crap-- this cleanse really is working!  


  1. I'm glad the cleanse is working, but I would be so sad without my sugar. You are way more awesome than I am! :)


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