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My husband and I were just marveling at how the Turtles' vocabulary has exploded.  They went from a handful of words and sounds a month ago to a whole host of phrases and demands today. They are beginning to understand nuance and humor in language which is just mind-boggling. Even though they are my second and third children, I still can't get over how fast the language acquisition happens.  I vaguely remember this with Vivi but because I have double the number of girls talking it seems that much more pronounced (ha!) with Jude and Ellie.

Ellie doesn't speak as much or have as many words as her twin BUT she definitely communicates well. She always responds with a thank you when anyone gives her something. She doesn't need to be prompted and it makes the Miss Manners inside me jump with joy each time I hear it.

Ellie also has a good sense for people. When Vivi was being sassy to me the other morning, Ellie marched right up her and said, "Viva, TIME OUT!" Ellie also informed me that Jude was a "cranker" when she woke up demanding her stuffed dog that Daddy forgot to bring downstairs.

Jude, not to be outshone by Ellie's manners, is a little jokester.  She is incredibly good at creating diversions so that she can avoid getting into trouble.  This is a popular scenario:

Me (stern voice):  Jude, what are you doing?
Jude:  Hi.
Me (still stern):  Jude, no playing with that.
Jude ignores me and continues playing.
Me (stern voice):  Juuuuuuuuude.
Jude (throws arms open):   Mama, kiss!

That's when I give her a big snuggle. Once I move away, she is back to her old trick of playing with something that is not meant to be touched. Lately, instead of asking for a kiss, she'll turn into a cat because she knows it cracks me up.

Despite all the utterances of important things like cantaloupe and garbage truck, there are more than enough "Mine!" and "Share!" or "Get it!" to make my head spin. I understand why some parents of twins just buy duplicates of everything. The incessant negotiation of toys is exhausting. Of course, Jude and Ellie are learning important skills by not having all the same toys but it is mama who often suffers the consequences from all the screaming.  Any advice on how to handle toy sharing among twins?

Oh, and Vivi, who is no slouch in the creative use of language department, told me that "the texture of the water in the shower makes [her] eyes feel like they are bleeding on the inside." Ummm.... okay.

Vivi also hasn't won any awards in the modesty department.  When I am admired her artwork the other day, she said, "Mom, I am not a colorer.  I am an artiste!"  

An artiste and two battling twins, what more could a mama ask for?


  1. Love this!
    We tell the kid who is screaming for a toy to say: "when you're done, can I have a turn?"
    It usually works I think because it empowers the screamer AND the toy holder who can decide when their turn is done.
    Maybe the twins wouldn't get that yet? But we started as soon as Del was demanding Noah's toys and we STILL have to remind them but the words work ... sometimes lead to the toy holder saying: "but I'm going to have a l-o-n-g turn" which is a whole new issue...


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