Project 52: A Glimpse Into Motherhood

I'm not much of a photographer but I find that I enjoy trying to capture pictures of my girls. Lately, the Turtles don't stop moving long enough to get a clear shot and Vivi outright shuns the camera.  There's nothing I like more than a challenge, however.  (Ok, there's just a touch of sarcasm in that sentence.)

Anyway, Simply Modern Mom has a weekly project on her blog that I thought I would join. Her Glimpse Into Motherhood is a good opportunity for me to try and get more photos of my children and my experience of motherhood. In turn, I hope to learn to accept and appreciate the joy found in our ordinary days.  No biggie, right?

So here goes... my first picture.  My girls and I got bundled up and went for a walk earlier this week. The first one we've done all winter.  It was nice not to feel stressed about holding both Jude and Ellie's hands.  After all, the snow piles provided the perfect protection from traffic.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is such an adorable picture! I found you through Project 52!

  2. Awesome picture! Let me guess: it took 45 minutes to prepare for a 15 minute walk?? :)

  3. Monica, you are so right. I believe I yelled, "Keep moving kids. We have got to make this worth it."

  4. Great picture. Good point about the snow piles :)


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