Whole Foods Ruined It

I hate mayonaise.  Truly.  I find it absolutely disgusting.  Mix mayonaise with a decent food like tuna fish and I just about lose my marbles.  Why, oh why, does it have to be so?  Can't there be a better way to have your tuna sandwich?

Well, it turns out there is.  Several years ago, I discovered a tuna salad at Whole Foods which was mayonaise-free.  It had olive oil and lemon and all sort of glorious other ingredients.  It was delicious on everything but I particularly liked to eat it on French rye with a slice of Swiss cheese.  (Very international, I know.)  I started making my own and it became the perfect light summer meal.  Here's the rough recipe:

Mayo-Free Tuna

1 pkg. of solid white tuna
juice from one lemon
olive oil
1/4 cup minced onion
1/2 a green apple
handful of dried, sweetened cranberries
salt and pepper

Mix together. (All ingredients can be altered to suit your taste.)

A couple of days ago I was in Whole Foods and saw the apple and cranberry tuna salad in the premade food section.  It looked different (and thus caught my eye) so I read the ingredients for the first time in years.  There it was right at the top of the list:  mayonaise.  Gone were the lemon juice and olive oil. 

Bastards.  Oh well, make your own and you might still have money left over to send your kid to college.


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