The Great Toilet Paper Caper

Now that my Turtles are anything but slow little crawlers, they are getting into all sorts of mischief together.  Of course, they almost always find it in the bathroom.  First, it was the toilet and the splash pool it became.  Once we all learned to remember to put the lid down, however, it became less of a destination.  Since they have yet to figure out how to open it I thought we were in the clear.  That's when  The Great Toilet Paper Caper starring Ellie Bean and Jude Bug happened.

Hey Jude, look what I found!

Quick, grab as much as you can before mommy notices!

Run faster!  She's on to us!

Victory is mommy's as the Turtles collapse into a heap of giggles.


  1. actually. i think the girls knew they were being filmed... future reality-TP stars... hahahahahaaaa....


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