Why Twins Are Awesome

It seems that there have been more than a few posts on this blog about how much having two babies at once really sucks.  It's exhausting and back-breaking.  It's chaotic and stressful.  It's stinky and sticky and downright dirty business. 

But it is also wonderful. 

Yesterday morning, I heard the babies chattering in their room.  It was 7:30 a.m. and they had slept much later than usual.  I went in to get them only to find them blowing kisses to each other across the room.  It was beyond adorable.  As I scooped them up and wrestled them into my arms, Ellie's nose rubbed against Jude's neck and they dissolved into the amazing little giggles that only babies get.  I realized in this moment, as I was completely enamoured with my Turtles, that I would not be experiencing any of this if I had had just one baby. 

And I just would not trade all the heartache and stress and bad behavior that come with twins and an older child, for anything.  ANYTHING. 

At fifteen months, these Turtles are full of mischief and personality.  They also seem deeply bonded in a way that I will likely never understand.  When Ellie cut her finger and my husband was trying to restrain her to stop the blood, Jude did not leave her side.  When they get off their synchronized sleep schedule, no amount of exhaustion will allow one baby to fall asleep unless her sister is in the room too.  Similarly, if Jude wakes up before Ellie and I remove her from  the bedroom, Ellie wakes up almost immediately.  It is like somehow, in her deep sleep, she senses that her sister is no longer there.  The same is true for Jude.  They play together and they feed each other and they hold hands while they nurse.  They even simultaneously throw the stuffed birds out of their crib if I did not give each baby her correct toy.

Of course, there is the joy that this age brings no matter how many babies you have at one time.  When the babies see me getting dressed in the morning the sight of a bare breast will send them into panting fits while they bounce on their knees squeezing their tiny fists together to show the sign for "milk." Or those wonderful, but tentative, first steps and the excitement of discovering that they are doing something they have never done before.  Then, of course, there is the delightful sound of a wooden spoon on the lid of a pot.  These are new adventures for us and they are happy ones.

Tennis, anyone?


  1. Awwww, beautifully written-- and such cuties!


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