I am not an animal person.  Although snuggling with my children or being slimed by their boogers and puke doesn't generally bother me, the idea of cuddling up with a pet is just not my cup of tea.  Sharing my space with some furry creature is almost certainly at the bottom of things I would choose to do.  This is a bit surprising since I always grew up with pets and hate the idea of any animal being mistreated.  (Well, except for mice and rats, I don't care what happens to them.)  Still, it is a given that I will be the fervent hold-out when my husband and girls start begging for a dog.

Yet, in the last couple of weeks, I have had to deal with more animals and animal-like behavior than I thought possible.  Saturday morning I went outside to check on Vivi only to find her playing with a dog I had never seen before.  The animal seemed sweet enough but I was loathe to go near it just in case it wasn't.  After much cajoling I got a hold of its collar and called its owner.  She arrived 15 minutes later but that was not before the dog discovered the remnants of a dead baby bird in my yard and started chewing its head.  Ewwww......

We also have the ongoing headache of dealing with our neighbors and their two outdoor cats.  These pets have decided to use my yard as their hunting grounds (two dead birds so far, not including the aforementioned baby bird) and as their litter box (countless amounts of shit) and my garden as their digging spot.  Appeals to our neighbors have been largely ignored although they did offer to give us some garlic spray to try and keep their cats away.  Oh yes, in my copious amounts of free time I will be sure to roam the grounds whilst having my hand at the ready with garlic spray.  Somehow, they seem to think that keeping their cats out of my yard is my responsibility.  We are thisclose to calling animal control on the damn cats.  (Damn Cats, by the way, is now their official name.  The other morning, after spotting one in the yard, Vivi innocently asked, "Mama, what are you going to do about those damn cats?") 

Sadly, cat poop isn't my only problem.  I walked out to the car yesterday to find a big pile of poop by the passenger side door.  Not a day later, like a package waiting to be discovered on my back porch, one long, stinky, bumpy turd sat on the mat by the door. 

The culprit?  Vivi.


  1. oh no!
    Argh argh on Damn Cats!

  2. That is too funny! I can't believe Vivi pooped on the porch! Good luck with that! :)


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