The Other Room

About two months ago, I promised to post pictures of the Turtles' new bedroom.  I never quite got around to it because I never felt like the room was done.  The babies were sleeping in there but it took a bit of time for me to decide on a rug and make the curtains.  Once that was done, I needed something for the walls.  I discovered some lovely prints from Art and Philanthropy but couldn't justify buying them (despite the philanthropic bent) after we'd spent so much on the damn renovation project.

Alas, ask and you shall receive.  My mother got the alphabet and number prints for the Turtles for Christmas and, one month later, I finally got them on the walls.  If you need a reminder of how the room looked before, you can click here.  This is their room now:

Vivi putting Ellie in a headlock while Jude smiles is typical of the wild shenanigans that happen in this room.  Now on to other projects.


  1. So beautiful and peaceful looking! I love that wall art.

  2. Sam - it's beautiful! I love the colors, the art, the curtains - all of it. Perfect.

  3. What a beautiful room! I love the shade of blue.

  4. Oh man! Coming to this late but its gorgeous! I love the cards, esp the numbers. And those built in drawers are to die for. Beautiful colors too! Love it all!


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