A Love Letter

Dear Bob,
      I heard rumors about you at the playground.  Many a woman has reported that you are strong and tough but have a soft, sensitive side.  The word around the swings is that you really seem to take good care of the children and these ladies wouldn't know what to do without you in their lives.  They say that the big potholes of life are just little bumps in the road to you.  As you know now, it was that attitude and your zest for life that made me want to meet you.
      I believe that our first rendezvous was one of passion and promise.  I had that giddy feeling of potential and I knew what the ladies said was true.  You would never let me or my girls down.  I am singing your praises without any benefit to me other than your unwavering support and commitment.  You have already given me so much and I only hope that I can continue to be worthy of your gifts.
       Bob, it is today that I can finally admit to you and all who know me that I love you.  It is time that I take our affair public.  I believe that you will find a happy place here in our home and my husband will learn to love you as I have.
       Until we meet again, my love,
Mama Mama


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