A Really Big Girl

It seems that my first-born child went and turned into a big girl before I even realized what was happening. Vivi turned three yesterday and we took three days to celebrate it. (Hmmmm... three seems to be a magic number for us.)

Vivi on her first birthday

Saturday my mom and sister came down from Vermont and we had a little party complete with a brand new play kitchen which Vivi has asked for since January. Sunday, the birthday began with breakfast out at our local bakery. It then took us an hour or so to get organized enough to take her to a place where she got a two-minute celebratory pony ride. Daddy then dropped me and the Turtles at home so he and Vivi could go to Ikea (ostensibly to buy new office furniture but it seemed they spent the most time in the ball pit.) Her day finished with some skinny-dipping in the kiddie pool (her, not us) and then a backyard picnic.

Second Birthday

Her friends joined us today for a lunch time party. We turned our backyard into what I call "cheapo playland." I set up a tent, some huge boxes (courtesy of our new dishwasher and the play kitchen), a bunch of yoga balls and kick balls, the kiddie pool, and a small trampoline. Much nakedness and chaos ensued but we all know that is a sign of a really good party!

Here are some highlights from this year:


  1. Happy birthday, Vivi! I love all the pictures--it's so fun to see how she's changed. It looks like you had a lovely celebration.

  2. Vivi looks so pleased and happy. It must be a good year for her - 3 years old and a big sister to two!

  3. wahoo mama to vivi!! happy birthdays are what its all about, for everyone! k


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