Oh, the Excitement!

I thought I would be a lady of leisure with Vivi in school full-time but I guess Jude and Ellie did not get the memo.

So for the past month, we have been pretty busy.  Vivi lost her second tooth on the second day of kindergarten.  She ran home from the bus stop, locked herself in the bathroom, and came out a few minutes later looking like this:

A few days after Vivi started school, I had a birthday and celebrated my official "advanced maternal age" milestone.  I welcomed my free-falling fertility with open arms.  I also welcomed the cake. 

It turns out Ellie is a bit of a rogue candle extinguisher so Vivi is doing her best to protect my opportunity to make a birthday wish.  (See note above about free falling fertility.)

Perhaps because I love cake, my husband got me twelve sessions with the personal trainer at the gym for my birthday.  After the first session, the words "you only look like you are in terrible shape" kept running through my head.  I was so proud of myself.  Then the trainer started with the push-ups and oh how the half-assed exercisers fall. She told me that this is what I remind her of:

So as Mama Mama tries to get all hubba hubba, it turns out that my Turtles like to spend their days talking about penises, vaginas, bummies, and toilets.  They prefer to do this naked.  Oh, and since Jude talks in her sleep, there's really no reason to keep her jammies on.  This is how I found her the other night:

Lest her sister get all the attention for not wearing any clothes, Ellie has taken to singing "Happy Birthday Penis" at the top of her lungs at the grocery store.

Because I have not learned my lesson, I continued to take my children out in public.  This time it was for our annual apple picking adventure.

As my friend Karen so accurately pointed out one day, "Children are like puppies.  If you don't run them, they will destroy your house."  This is one lesson I have learned.  So while Vivi is at school, the Turtles and I have had a few adventures of our own this month.

These are the girls checking out a goat at the zoo.  Can you tell who is the goat?

Because Mother Nature seems to be as off-kilter as I am, we enjoyed a nice warm day at the splash park.

This is not to say that only Jude, Ellie, and I are having fun. Vivi is too.  Below is a picture of her homework.  She was asked to draw a picture of something she likes to do.

That would be her farting.

Gosh, could I be any prouder?


  1. There are so many things I love about this post that I don't think I can pick a favorite. If forced, I guess I'd go with "Happy Birthday, Penis."

    I also can't decide if getting our kids together in real life would be the best idea ever or the worst. I'm going to go with best. Maybe someday we can get that to happen.

  2. Oh my, the advetures around your house are endless...LOL! Farting...that's soooooo funny!

  3. Oh, the picture at the end is the best! LOL

  4. Your children are hilarious. I can see there isn't a dull moment in your house either!!!

    BTW: my twins are crawling - surviving so far ;)


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