Saturday night Vivi got to have her second sleepover with her friend G.  Lovely Mama invited her to stay knowing that Vivi loves nothing more than being able to sleep at someone else's house.  I don't know if it is just a big girl thing or just wanting a solid block of time to rest without being woken up by a Turtle.  Either way, she could hardly contain her excitement at getting out of the house.

According to Lovely Mama, Vivi and G had a great time with no more than their usual sibling-like bickering.  They had ravioli, made popsicles, and finished the evening off by watching Mary Poppins.  Vivi was semi-comatose and drooling on the couch cushion by the time the movie ended so Lovely Mama put both kids to bed in the same room.  Everything was going smoothly.

Well, until, the talking began in the bedroom.  Talking and talking and talking....  Lovely Mama went in three or four times to settle G to sleep.  After nearly an hour or so, he walked out of the bedroom and had this conversation with Lovely Mama:

G:  When are you coming to bed?
Mama:  Soon, G.  Now go back in there with Vivi and try to sleep.
G:  Vivi's not in there anymore.

A panicked Lovely Mama checked the bedroom and Vivi wasn't in there.  She quickly ran to the other bedroom to find Vivi asleep on top of the covers on the bed.  Relieved, she started moving Vivi to get her under the blankets.  As Lovely Mama tucked her in, Vivi mumbled, "He was just talking and talking.  He wouldn't stop and I need to sleep."

While Vivi couldn't sleep with all the talking, I discovered that I couldn't sleep without her in the house.  I really missed her and seriously contemplated sleeping in her bed for the night.  But, like Papa Bear, she would have come home and demanded who had slept in her bed so I figured it would be wise to respect her space. 

Given the challenges of the sleepover, I think both Lovely Mama and Vivi would agree that we won't be doing one again anytime soon.  She's still available for afternoon playdates though.  Any takers?


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