The preparation for our winter hibernation has begun. Like a switch, we've gone from the hustle and bustle of warmer weather to the paradoxical illness and fortifying associated with the colder months. Being of old Yankee stock, I rather look forward to this hunkering down.

With the wind and the rain, the cold virus has swept into our home. It hit Vivi first and now the Turtles' are dripping and sneezing and all around feverish. They have still maintained their congenial temperaments as though they accept this as part of our transition. Their sleep is sporadic but when it comes it is deep and peaceful. As is mine.

Vivi has found a lot of solace in playing quietly and independently. She loves to sit at the table and practice writing her letters and her name. She is pensive and creative and seems to have absorbed that we're moving at just a little slower pace these days. The last vestige of summer-- Vivi's dresses-- are still present but they are on top of pants and shirts and underneath fleece.

Like any mammal preparing for the winter, my girls' appetite is unfettered. Vivi ate four pumpkin pancakes this morning and will likely need a snack before 10. She had two helpings of vegetables and baked ziti last night and still had room for some apple cranberry crisp straight from the crock pot. The Turtles' are navigating the world of solid food and were recently introduced to a second non-liquid meal. Despite their enjoyment of these new foods, I am perpetually engorged with their milk.

We are all full here and that fullness feels good.


  1. Oddly, Maddie and Riley are on a hunger strike. It's OK--I've been eating for all three of us :).

    This post is very peaceful and meditative. It makes me happy.

  2. Your blog makes me smile, this was a great entry. Made me wish to come to your house for some comfort food :)


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