Getting Used To It

So, the whole twin thing is really starting to sink in and dare I say it, I am starting to look forward to meeting both turtles. I am also still very scared about the birth and how I am going to handle it all but over the last few days I've adopted a "just deal with it" attitude. And dealing with it, I am.

The inspiration for my change of heart has definitely been Vivi. While there no doubt has been much anxiety on our part over the change in birth plan and the idea of having a toddler AND two babies, Vivi is delighted beyond words about the addition of two siblings. Her happiness is infectious and for that, I am truly thankful.

This morning, while doing our usual post-wake-up snuggle, Vivi asked if she is still a big sister even though the babies haven't come out yet. I told her that indeed she was. Then she bent over, kissed my belly, and said, "Turtles, will you give a kick for your big sister?" They moved and she laughed at their "response." She then proceeded to put her head against my belly and say repeatedly, "Turtles, I love you." She also offered to help me push them out when the time came although she'd prefer that to be as soon as possible.

Besides my expanding girth, there are other signs around the house that the babies' arrival isn't that far off. We got the infant carseat and extra base out of the attic and acquired another infant car seat from my generous friend, Kate. (All of which we schlepped to four car dealerships on Saturday in an attempt to find a car that would fit them all. There's enough fodder for a different post.) Kate also handed over her moses basket which has conveniently become a new bed for Vivi's Teddy who was recently renamed "my new baby sister." It's hard seeing all this baby stuff and not feel a little excited about putting it to use.

I will meet with my former/new midwife on Monday. She is not the homebirth midwife whom I'd been working with but the wonderful woman who delivered Vivi at our local hospital's birthing center. I have a great relationship with her and am looking forward to her guidance as we develop a new birth plan. (A plan that I am desperately hoping will avoid having me deliver in an operating room-- a "precaution" that I feel will put me one step closer to a c-section. More on that later...)

All in all, things are moving forward and we're generally feeling good. Now, if I could just get this heartburn to go away...


  1. You are so lucky to have Vivi be so positive and excited!


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